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Invisalign Braces Vs. Conventional Braces

Clear Choice Invisalign

Braces have definitely changed in modern times. There was a time when braces were quite large and clearly visible. Fortunately time has led to a few changes that you may want to consider before you decide between invisible or regular braces.

How Modern Times Have Affected Braces and Invisalign®

When thinking about braces, a person may want to consider how these dental attachments have been affected by modern society. Note the following:


The most obvious change is that people’s perception of a healthy smile has changed. The ever-increasing access to oral care has made it easier for people to achieve a healthy and straight smile. This has increased the demand for straight teeth, placing both invisible and regular braces in higher demand.

Virtual Reality

One of the best outcomes of virtual reality regarding braces is that you may have the opportunity to see a virtual image of what the final outcome of your smile could look like before you even decide to get started. This is something that benefits Invisalign® and regular braces alike.

Of course,  with modern times, there have been improvements in technology and with these new technologies there have been developments created which benefit persons who choose to wear either Invisalign or conventional braces alike. They will all work to help realign your teeth and offer you a dazzling new smile.

Differences Between Invisalign® & Modern Braces


Invisalign braces in Boynton Beach are the clear choice among most people simply because they allow you to be camera-ready at all times. There is no denying that having a high-definition camera on a phone has encouraged people to take more pictures. Many do not want to smile with visible braces, making Invisalign® aligners the clear choice, and because there is no unsightly hardware there’s no reason not to smile.

Getting the best deal on Invisalign Boynton Beach is not too hard now days. Although the best deal on invisible braces in Boynton Beach isn’t necessarily the cheapest Invisalign braces in Boynton Beach, although the cost of Invisalign braces has gone down significantly due to the improvements of regular braces, which we will get to later. Rest assured that you are getting the best Invisalign braces in Boynton Beach at the right time.

Keep in mind that this option may not be the best option for a malocclusion, which is something that conventional braces can help with.

Conventional Braces

Dr. Dan Casel wants you to know that conventional braces are not huge metal brackets any more. Modern braces are a lot smaller, and the brackets are thin enough to almost be undetectable.

Modern braces can become almost invisible if you really want them to, which is one reason why the price for Invisalign is going down. Ceramic braces, for example, are virtually the same color as your teeth. Although these braces are not completely invisible, they do seem to be getting close. Of course, there are also lingual braces that are the same as normal braces except they are placed on the back of your teeth and offer the wearer a set of teeth that are camera-ready

Of course, one of the drawbacks of regular braces is that they are not removable like Invisalign® braces. Invisalign braces offer the wearer a new clear choice with almost undetectable simplicity that conventional braces can not match.  Invisalign braces are comprised of a series of custom-made, clear removable aligners that work continually placing small amounts of pressure on the teeth, utilizing one new aligner per session, made to shift the teeth into their correct position just a little bit at a time.

There is a lot more to learn about these dental attachments, and Dr. Casel and his team at Premier Dentistry of Boynon Beach are ready to answer any questions you may have. For more information about Invisalign® braces go to this site.


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