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6 Common Dental Fears – Premier Dentistry Boynton Beach

dental sedation Boynton BeachPremier Dentistry knows the common fears related to dentistry. We want to go over a few of them because Dr. Dan Casel and Dr. Michael Gorman want you to know they sympathize with what you are going through and want to help make sure that your visit with us is a relaxing and pleasant experience.

1. The Embarrassment of Unsightly Teeth

One thing that worries some people is having an unsightly smile. There are many reasons why someone might be suffering from this. For example, dental discoloration could make you feel uneasy, but this is something that can be dealt with using dental whitening treatments or even veneers.

Gaps or uneven teeth are issues that some people are dealing with. Gaps can be addressed with solutions like dental bonding while uneven teeth can also be resolved with veneers. In short, clients can transform their smiles with our services.

2. Feeling a Loss of Control

Some fear the loss of control, which is something you can talk to the team at Premier Dentistry about. We will take you through the whole process step by step. This is done so you know what to expect and why each step is important. Knowing the details of the procedure helps patients feel like they are in control when sitting in the dentist chair.

3. Possible Pain

The story everyone hears about is how much pain a person went through when visiting the dentist. There have been several shows and films depicting this, but these are just fabrications. Good sedation experts like Dr. Gorman can help reduce any pain that you might feel during your dental procedure. We take pride in our sedation dentistry in Jupiter FL and our sedation dentistry in Boynton Beach Premier Dentistry.

4. The Sound of the Drill

The mind is a powerful thing, and it feeds fears more than you might imagine. Most people think of pain when they hear the sound of the drill. The sound may be troubling, especially when you imagine this tool getting close to your mouth, but our team will work with you. You will know what this tool is going to be used for, and we will slow down the moment you feel uncomfortable.

5. Panic Attack Experience

You are not the only one that worries about having a panic attack at the dentist. There is no need to fear the dentist, but we understand why you might be scared. A panic attack is a natural reaction to something scary. Our team is experienced enough to help you get through a panic attack should one occur, but we also know how to calm you down before it happens. We tell you everything about your procedure because it is usually the unknown that scares people the most.

6. Sensory-Related Fears

A dental office can be full of different sounds and scents, such as cleaning solutions or even the sound of people moaning due to the fear of pain. In short, there are a lot of sounds, sights, or smells that can make you feel a little scared. You can talk to us, and we will help take your mind off of these distractions.

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