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Manual Vs. Electric When Buying A Toothbrush

electric-vs-manual-toothbrushThe modern toothbrush dates back to the 1930s. Before that time, some people used twigs akin to the miswak, which is still used in some cultures. It seems that people understood the importance of oral care for ages, and the tools have only improved. Still, finding the right brushing tool can be difficult, but Dr. Dan Casel is here to make the choice easier.

Pros and Cons of the Manual Toothbrush

An obvious advantage of the manual toothbrush is that there is no need to charge nor change batteries. This makes it a lot easier to travel with and ensures that one can brush anytime, even after a meal at a restaurant. An experienced Boynton Beach dentist like Dr. Casel suggests that a person brush more than twice a day, which is the minimum. If you can’t brush, you should rinse.

Keep in mind that a person needs to brush away from the gums for at least two minutes. It is recommended that the toothbrush is replaced every three weeks.

The manual toothbrush can be easily customized to fit the mouth, and there are several bristles for those with sensitive gums.

Still, there are a few disadvantages like:

  • No self-timer to ensure you brush for at least two minutes
  • Brushing strength varies, meaning each stroke might not be as effective
  • The strength required to brush may not be easy for aging people or those with issues like arthritis

There is no doubt that effective teeth cleaning in Boynton Beach is definitely possible with the manual toothbrush.

Pros and Cons of the Electric Brush

Premier Dentistry of Boynton Beach knows that time only improves things, and the manual toothbrush got an upgrade with the advent of the electric toothbrush that offers many benefits to the user. One of the most important features is that it makes proper brush strokes perfect every time. All one has to do is place the brush at a 45 degree angle on the surface of the tooth, and let the electric toothbrush do the rest.

Ensuring that patients brush their teeth correctly is all Dr. Dan Casel wants, and this brush can do that effectively. It decreases the chance of a person hurting his or her gums or brushing too hard. Hard brushing can damage the enamel or even push bacteria towards the gums.

The effectiveness of an electric toothbrush is undeniable as it can reduce plaque and prevent gingivitis. The built-in timer and the sheer mechanical aspect might make it more fun for kids to use, too.

Still, there are a few cons to accept like the following:

  • The cost is relatively higher than regular toothbrushes
  • An electric brush can break
  • Not the easiest tooth cleaning tool to travel with
  • It must be charged or batteries may need to be replaced

Everything is give and take, so it boils down to personal preference. Remember that you can always get a specialist’s opinion before you make your choice. Dr. Dan Casel is a qualified dental specialist who is always here to help.

Boynton Beach Dentist Discusses Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening Boynton BeachTooth whitening has become very popular owing to the pressure of social media. People see celebrities and popular social media figures with pearly white teeth and naturally, they want to emulate what they see. To be quite honest, there is nothing wrong with that.

Tooth whitening boosts self-esteem, which is a key factor to attain success. A confident person feels less self-conscious and that makes him or her able to socialize with ease. This means better chances of meeting the right partner, getting that dream job or being able to speak publicly without anxiety.

At Home Whitening

While whitening might be a good thing, Dr. Casel tells his patients that they have to be careful when it comes to using over-the-counter products as these may hurt more than help. No enamel layer is alike. In fact, we all have different types of teeth. Not everyone has thick enamel that can withstand weekly or monthly usage of over-the-counter treatments.

Therefore, those with thin enamel who are addicted to home whitening treatments may notice extra sensitivity to hot and cold food. This can be attributed to using the wrong dosage of products or to using them far too often. In some cases, a person who uses over-the-counter whitening products regularly may notice minute cracks on his or her teeth, especially the anterior ones, as this receives more attention than the posterior teeth.

Please note that these cases will usually require costly dental intervention. Therefore it would be best to consider teeth whitening at the dentist instead.

Professional Whitening Rocks

Instead of risking one’s dentition in an effort to save money, it would be wise to head over to a dentist to get this procedure done. This is because a dental practitioner will be able to assess the current state of a patient’s teeth and create a cosmetic treatment plan accordingly.

Dr. Dan Casel of Premier Dentistry is considered Boynton Beach’s tooth whitening expert. He believes that each patient should be assessed properly to determine the type of product to be used. Some treatment plans work better than others for certain cases and he make sure to customize a plan and choose products to suit each case.

Dr. Casel makes sure that only the mildest and most effective products should be used to avoid brittleness of the enamel layer. He uses only the safest products to ensure the comfort of his patients. He believes in treating each case individually and taking ample time to consider all possible options before deciding on the best one.

Please keep in mind that he may suggest other alternatives in cases where whitening might cause more harm than good. This applies to cases where the patient has fractured o

Flaunting a pearly grin is not something reserved for the rich and popular set these days. More and more people are able to afford affordable whitening treatments from notable private practices. Get that white bite you’ve always dreamed of from Dr. Casel, the teeth whitening in Boynton Beach expert.

Get started on your way to flaunting your whitest and brightest smile ever, call (561) 442-7022 today!



Boynton Beach Dentist Discusses Best Oral Hygiene Practices

Cosmetic dentistry has become quite popular due to the emergence of social media. Everyone tries to look their best and that includes having various treatments done to their dentition as well.

While it might help to have various cosmetic procedures done, one also has to consider the over-all health of the dentition and its surrounding structures as well. This is why Dr. Dan Casel urges his patients to start with the basics, proper oral care.

teeth cleaning boynton beach flBegin With Proper Home Care Techniques

Everything starts at home, especially when it comes to healthy dentition. With that in mind, Dr. Casel tells his patients to brush at least twice daily. This should be done after the first meal of the day and after the last meal as well. Brushing thrice daily after each meal would be best though.

The debridement process helps prevent microorganisms from settling on the tooth surfaces and between gum tissue. These are usually found in hard to reach areas and spots that a patient might miss.

Harmful organisms may colonize areas of food debris and irritate the gum tissue. Once a colony has formed, it may start to invade the dentin layer, found under the enamel of the tooth. From there, these invaders may destroy the pulp and seep into the bloodstream, causing even more destruction.

Please note that flossing should be part of the oral care regimen as well. It would be best to floss twice daily. However, if a patient is far too busy to bother flossing in the morning, he or she may choose to do so after brushing at night.

Professional Dental Cleaning

Brushing and flossing at home does not provide patients with one hundred percent assurance of being free from gum disease and tooth decay. This is why a bi-annual trip for cleaning is necessary.

Dr. Casel, the dental cleaning Boynton Beach expert, advises his patients to visit his private practice at lease twice a year to have their teeth thoroughly debrided. This means that all surfaces will be stripped of soft and hard debris, as there are areas that a patient might miss due to tight contacts or poor brushing techniques.

According to Dr. Casel, most people believe that brushing and flossing is enough to prevent or even cure existing dental concerns. This is why he makes sure to remind each patient that one cannot treat tooth decay with brushing or flossing. These are but preventive measures and teeth cannot re-grow the lost enamel and dentin layers.

Being the most sought-after dentist in Boynton Beach, Dr. Casel has come across a lot of cases where patients were under the impression that they could correct various dental concerns at home. This has almost always ended with the patient scheduling an emergency appointment due to complications or discomfort. Therefore, he makes certain that every new person he treats is educated regarding the importance of proper dental care.

If you are in need of teeth cleaning in Boynton Beach, visit the prophylaxis experts, at Premier Dentistry of Boynton Beach. You can schedule an appointment online or you may call (561) 244-7022.