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A Nice Smile Makes A Trustworthy Person

cosmetic dentist Boynton BeachDr. Dan Casel and his team at Premier Dentistry of Boynton Beach know that smiles are special. A beautiful smile is indescribable and simply contagious. It could even make you look more trustworthy.

How can a Nice Smile Make you More Trustworthy?

A nice and honest smile goes a long way. Part of the reason a smile can make you seem trustworthy deals with how it makes others feel. People who look at your smile feel special, welcomed, and appreciated. In essence, your smile is unconsciously complimenting others. Those who see your smile and feel complimented also feel like you are honest because they are naturally inclined to accept your unconscious compliment.

It goes to show that something like cosmetic dentistry can be quite important. Those delaying with dental issues like misaligned or cracked teeth have a hard time smiling. Sometimes, these people do not want to smile because they feel a little self-conscious. Furthermore, those who smile in spite of oral issues may not smile a genuine smile. A genuine smile helps increase trustworthiness.

What a Good Oral Specialist can do for Your Teeth

A good oral specialist like the kind you can find working with Dr. Casel will help ensure that your smile looks as trustworthy as you are. For example, those with dental malformations or defects can use dental veneers to help cover those up. A person who is missing a tooth or part of a tooth might need to consider dental implants or a tooth replacement. Both of these are complex procedures that need an experienced hand like the kind you can find when visiting Premier Dentistry of Boynton Beach.

Those who have minor issues like stained teeth might need to consider a simple teeth whitening procedure. This procedure is done in one hour sessions. The oral specialist is going to apply a whitening solution that will penetrate the enamel in order to break down any stain particles that are stuck on your teeth.

A person dealing with misaligned teeth may be able to use Invisalign braces in Boynton Beach to correct them. The neat thing about these braces is that they are relatively invisible to the eye. What you are going to be doing is wearing a pair of invisible aligners every day. These aligners are form-fitted to put pressure on your teeth, slowly pushing them to the desired position. These aligners are removable, which makes it easy for you to eat or brush your teeth. The process is relatively simple, where you will come in to see your dentist every few weeks to replace the aligners with a new set while your teeth are shifting into their new correct positions.

Yes, achieving your ideal smile could take a lot of work depending on what might be wrong with your teeth, but that does not mean the work is not worth it. Making yourself appear more trustworthy can help you in many areas of your life. It can make you more employable, and it can also make you more date-able if you are out there looking for love. In essence, re-structuring your smile through cosmetic dentistry might help unveil the true version of yourself that you have been keeping hidden inside.



How To Use Coconut Oil To Improve Your Oral Health

coconut oilYou have probably heard about coconut oil or have seen it at your local grocery store in the section for healthier foods. People use the oil to cook with because it is healthier than many alternatives, which is a plus, but there is more to this oil than what meets the eye. Some people are using coconut oil to improve their oral health.

Why is Coconut Oil Helpful?

Coconut oil is pretty great. Not only can it help you lose weight, but it is also great for your oral health. Dentistry in Boynton Beach is all about making sure that your smile is as beautiful as it can be, and you can use all the help you can get, including coconut oil.

It seems that the lauric acid in coconut oil and the antibacterial substances your body creates when it consumes coconut oil helps your teeth. Lauric acid along with other bodily substances help kill harmful bacteria in your mouth.

A good Boynton Beach dentist will tell you that oral pathogens are your enemies. These harmful organisms lead to major headaches for your dentist in Boynton Beach because they cause cavities and other oral ailments.

Using Coconut Oil for Your Teeth

Dr. Dan Casel and the team at Premier Dentistry of Boynton Beach do the best they can to improve your oral care regimen. They know that a good oral care regimen may prevent cavities or gingivitis.

Brushing your teeth and visiting your dentist as recommended are good things, but you can still do more for your oral health by taking advantage of the properties available within coconut oil. The idea here is to use it like a mouthwash. Take some coconut oil and swoosh it around your mouth for about 15 to 20 minutes. This is going to require some patience, but the contents in oil will coat your mouth and teeth, which is what you want.

All you have to do after swooshing is spit out the oil. You can do this every day or every other day at least once a day. It is a great way to kill bacteria, and it is completely natural. Think of it as a way of enhancing your oral care regimen, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Some people make a natural paste using baking soda and coconut oil, which could be useful too. All you have to do is mix a tablespoon of oil with enough baking soda to make a paste. It is a simple blend that you can use from time to time. Do not hesitate to talk to your dentist about any concerns that you may have about your teeth or how to use coconut oil to help improve your oral health care regimen.

4 Issues That Might Be Causing Your Bad Breath

bad breath Boynton BeachBad breath is a major concern for some people. The issue can get so bad that some have to spend a lot of money on products to deal with the problem. About half of Americans say they are dealing with halitosis. One thing that Dr. Dan Casel and his team tells patients worried about bad breath is that the best way to deal with it is to attack the root of the issue, not just mask it with breath spray. The following are four issues that might be causing bad breath.

1. Gum Disease

Yes, one of the main culprits for consistent bad breath is periodontal disease, which could be in its early stages or quite developed. Either way, when you are in the care of your dentist at Premier Dentistry of Boynton Beach they will check things out to see what is happening.

There are a number of signs that could be pointing towards gum disease like inflammation of the gums to bleeding gums. You want to make sure you have your periodontal dentist Boynton Beach help you deal with this situation because this ailment can lead to much more than just bad breath like tooth loss.

2. Poor Dental Hygiene

Halitosis usually happens because there is enough bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria strains leave residue behind, which starts to emit a smell. Making sure that you maintain good dental hygiene like brushing your teeth, rinsing your mouth, and always keeping up with your teeth cleaning appointments should help keep your mouth free of these bacteria.

You might want to start incorporating more oral hygiene habits like flossing or including any other step you might be skipping. You can talk to your dentist to ask about how effective your oral care routine is being by showing him or her what you do. Do not be afraid to ask questions, and try to improve whenever possible.

3. Periodontitis

Periodondititis is a serious gum infection, which attacks mostly the gums and the jawbone. The symptoms are closely related to gum disease or gingivitis. You might see bright red gums or even suffer from tender gums. You can suffer from bone loss and tooth loss if you simply ignore the issue for too long.

Your oral specialist should be able to tell if your bad breath is happening because you have this problem. Hopefully, the issue is resolved before this unfortunate ailment does more damage to your oral health.

4. Tonsil Issues

The issue could actually be related to the tonsils. You can be suffering from tonsil stones. This issue relates to the growth of calcified material near the back of the throat. The lump of calcified material can cause sore throat as well as bad breath.

Your dentist should be able to tell if this is the reason you are suffering from consistent bad breath. The problem could also be tonsillitis, which is when inflammation starts to develop near the back of the throat. The symptoms includes things like bad breath, laryngitis, and even poor appetite.

These are just some of the reasons why some people develop halitosis. The good news is that most of these can be dealt with when detected early enough so that you can return to having fresh breath once again.

Nope, E-Cigarettes Are Bad For Your Teeth, Too

e-cigs-vapingIt is understandable why many hoped for an alternative to cigarettes that did not carry the unwanted side-effects. Smoking can be a tool for relaxation, and most people would agree that life can push you over the edge. This is the reason why some people are turning to E-cigarettes, but there are some issues to consider.

The Rise of E-cigs

People are using E-cigarettes or E-cigs for all kinds of reasons. Some are using them to reduce their dependence on regular cigarettes while others are using them because they are the coolest new toy to play with.

Yes, research shows that E-Cigs are getting popular, which is sparking some concern. Dr. Dan Casel and his team are also a little worried about this trend because it may have a negative effect on your teeth.

How E-cigs Work Against Oral Health

Those who are using E-cigs to avoid the discoloration associated with regular cigarettes do not have to worry about anything just yet. Experts are still studying the long-term effects of E-cigarettes. Still, those who have stains from previous cigarette use should consider the teeth whitening services provided by Dr. Dan Casel and his team.

The first issue that Premier Dentistry wants to point out is the possibility of cell damage. Research shows that some of the ingredients such as additives and the nicotine content can cause some damage that could lead to problems like infections.

It should also be noted that cell death or damage could lead to weaker gum tissue. This could make it easier for teeth to get dislodged for a number of reasons that would make restoration dentistry vital. This is something that those who play sports need to pay attention to.

Remember that most people who are intrigued by E-cigs are young people. Most of these people are attracted to this option because it is ‘healthier,’ and it is easier to use than regular cigarettes.

People, especially young people, love to play sports. Weaker gums could mean that playing contact sports could be more dangerous as you may lose your teeth more easily than others if you use this device.

You should also remember that weaker gums could make it harder for your teeth to receive the nutrients they need to stay strong, which makes you susceptible to the kind of bacteria that can lead to cavities. Bacterial damage can be irreversible, though cosmetic dentistry offers a few solutions that may not heal all cavity damage but could be helpful by providing options like veneers.

Furthermore, it seems that the damage done to the cells in the mouth could also lead to gum disease and even infections. Gum disease can lead to tooth loss while infections could lead to complications requiring surgery.

In short, there is no doubt that E-cigs have a number of positive attributes when compared to real cigarettes, but that does not mean these devices are harmless. Remember, the outcome of long-term use of these devices is relatively unknown. Hopefully, this information helps you make an informed decision.

Boynton Beach Dentist Offers Solutions For Crooked Or Misaligned Teeth

invisible braces Boynton BeachIt is believed that around 60 percent of people have crooked or misaligned teeth. There could be many reasons for this phenomenon, though some experts blame the modern diet. Still, the problem is here, and Boynton Beach dentist, Dr. Dan Casel wants to help address the issue. One popular option is dental veneers, but there are other solutions available to you.

Solutions Dr. Casel’s Team Offers

Dr. Casel’s team has been dealing with this affliction for some time, and they understand how you feel about your teeth. It is no secret that a smile can help you make a good impression at work or other places, so making sure your smile is perfect is of the utmost importance.

Dr. Casel’s cosmetic dentistry Boynton Beach team focuses on restoring your smile because this can protect your teeth from oral infections or bacteria. The first thing your oral specialist will do is treat your teeth to make sure they are healthy enough for some of the procedures.

One solution that some of the patients who visit Premier Dentistry opt for is Invisalign®. Preparation for this procedure is minimal, though the main reason patients like it is because the aligners are removable and hard to see.

Now, it should be noted that Invisalign® braces Boynton Beach may not deal with every serious misalignment problem, which is the reason porcelain veneers are sometimes recommended.

Premier Dentistry of Boynton Beach offers some of the most coveted veneer options on the market. The thin coverings are bonded to your teeth after they have been prepared by your dentist. This usually includes a cleaning to ensure that the bonding material works as it should. The material is high quality, of course, making it a very durable option.

One reason people love this option is because veneers do more than just deal with crooked teeth; they also give your smile a ‘facelift.’ Dental Veneers in Boynton Beach are made to look like natural teeth, giving you a smile you probably thought only Hollywood stars could have.

Some might wonder if veneers are the right choice, which is understandable. This is a big change, and you deserve to know everything there is to know about the procedure before it begins. Well, Dr. Casel’s team will first show you what your smile is going to look like when the procedure is done so that you are sure about the change.

Dr. Casel’s team will try to ensure that this issue does not spring up again. Most people’s misalignment happened because of bad habits like sucking their thumb beyond four years old, but others developed the problem because of issues like teeth grinding. This is a very serious problem that could damage your teeth overtime.

Do not fret though; Dr. Casel’s team will investigate possible problems that could lead to alignment issues, such as teeth grinding, and will recommend effective solutions.

Every patient’s smile is important at Premier Dentistry of Boynton Beach, and this is something you can feel when you come in for a visit. Your smile matters and will shine brighter than ever before if you trust this team.

6 Common Dental Fears – Premier Dentistry Boynton Beach

dental sedation Boynton BeachPremier Dentistry knows the common fears related to dentistry. We want to go over a few of them because Dr. Dan Casel and Dr. Michael Gorman want you to know they sympathize with what you are going through and want to help make sure that your visit with us is a relaxing and pleasant experience.

1. The Embarrassment of Unsightly Teeth

One thing that worries some people is having an unsightly smile. There are many reasons why someone might be suffering from this. For example, dental discoloration could make you feel uneasy, but this is something that can be dealt with using dental whitening treatments or even veneers.

Gaps or uneven teeth are issues that some people are dealing with. Gaps can be addressed with solutions like dental bonding while uneven teeth can also be resolved with veneers. In short, clients can transform their smiles with our services.

2. Feeling a Loss of Control

Some fear the loss of control, which is something you can talk to the team at Premier Dentistry about. We will take you through the whole process step by step. This is done so you know what to expect and why each step is important. Knowing the details of the procedure helps patients feel like they are in control when sitting in the dentist chair.

3. Possible Pain

The story everyone hears about is how much pain a person went through when visiting the dentist. There have been several shows and films depicting this, but these are just fabrications. Good sedation experts like Dr. Gorman can help reduce any pain that you might feel during your dental procedure. We take pride in our sedation dentistry in Jupiter FL and our sedation dentistry in Boynton Beach Premier Dentistry.

4. The Sound of the Drill

The mind is a powerful thing, and it feeds fears more than you might imagine. Most people think of pain when they hear the sound of the drill. The sound may be troubling, especially when you imagine this tool getting close to your mouth, but our team will work with you. You will know what this tool is going to be used for, and we will slow down the moment you feel uncomfortable.

5. Panic Attack Experience

You are not the only one that worries about having a panic attack at the dentist. There is no need to fear the dentist, but we understand why you might be scared. A panic attack is a natural reaction to something scary. Our team is experienced enough to help you get through a panic attack should one occur, but we also know how to calm you down before it happens. We tell you everything about your procedure because it is usually the unknown that scares people the most.

6. Sensory-Related Fears

A dental office can be full of different sounds and scents, such as cleaning solutions or even the sound of people moaning due to the fear of pain. In short, there are a lot of sounds, sights, or smells that can make you feel a little scared. You can talk to us, and we will help take your mind off of these distractions.

Could Dental Plaque Increase The Risk For Cancer?

teeth cleaning Boynton BeachIt might be astonishing to find out how one thing can be linked to another. There are several examples; some are whimsical but others should cause concern, like the connection between dental plaque and the risk of cancer.

What is Plaque?

To put it simply, plaque is a thin blanket of bacteria that sticks to your teeth. It is sometimes called a biofilm or micorbial plaque. This thin blanket of bacteria first appears as a colorless and sticky deposit on your teeth that can be removed when detected. The problem is that sometimes this film goes unattended for too long at which point it turns into tartar, which is a hardened biofilm that is much harder to remove.

Ignoring plaque can lead to issues such as tooth decay or even gingivitis. The reason plaque is so detrimental is because it is attempting to form a protective layer for bacteria to do their deeds. This allows the oral pathogens to break down the layers of your teeth, such as your enamel. This is accomplished with the acid that bacteria produce with the consumption of certain foods like processed sugar.

How Does This Connect to Cancer?

There is a lot to worry about in this life, but this is one risk that you do not have to take. Studies have shown that an increased amount of dental plaque can put you at risk of cancer.

What happens is the biofilm usually forms close to your gumline, which means the bacteria housed within the biofilm have access to your blood stream. You already know that bacteria produce acids to harm your teeth, but they also release bacterial toxins and enzymes. Some of these toxins and enzymes make their way into the blood stream, which is ultimately what puts you at risk of cancer, unnecessarily.

How can Your Dentist Help Prevent This?

Preventing this possibility starts with your dentist. Dr. Dan Casel has an excellent team including great hygienists that can provide you a dental cleaning to help keep this risk low. You should visit a hygienist at Florida Premier Dentistry at least twice a year, which means that making sure plaque is not formed is an easy option that is up to you.

There are a few more things you can do to try to prevent plaque from forming. You should stick to a good teeth cleaning regimen that should include flossing and brushing. You should also make sure you rinse your mouth after eating, especially sticky foods.

Remember that reducing your intake of starchy or sugary foods might also be a good idea. Yes, some of these foods are delicious, but bacteria find them irresistible. This does not mean you need to eliminate them completely; just try to limit the foods as much as you can. Concentrate on foods that help clean your teeth like dark leafy greens or even apples. You could also consider trying natural sweeteners like raw honey that is antibacterial and not processed.

You can simply ask Dr. Casel or his team to formulate a plan to keep plaque away and maintain your oral health.

5 Most Sought After Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Dr. Dan Casel and his team at Premier Dentistry of Boynton Beach provide several types of cosmetic procedures to clients. With years of experience, they are helping patients to smile again. Below are five of the most sought after dental procedures for cosmetic smile makeovers.


Veneers are a popular option because they are minimally invasive yet still provide a fantastic smile. People opt for this procedure for many reasons such as the following:

  • Teeth are an unsightly color due to habits like smoking
  • Shape of a tooth or teeth is not perfect
  • Hairline fractures on a tooth
  • Gaps Between Teeth

veneers boynton beach


Teeth Whitening

Of course, many people seek the help of Dr. Casel’s team to deal with discoloration issues. Teeth whitening can help remove stains that have slightly penetrated the dentin of the teeth.

Stains can happen when teeth are exposed to smoke or strong pigmented substances like tea, wine, or even some fruits. These foods are not necessarily bad for you. However, in excess or without proper oral care the foods could stain your teeth, but a good cosmetic dentist Boynon Beach should be able to help you.

teeth whitening Boynton beach



Crowns are used for severe tooth damage like fractures or cracks that might be causing discomfort or pain. Crowns can last a long time and blend with the natural color of your teeth.

This dental procedure can mask a root canal or tooth decay. Crowns can also help your overall dental health because untreated missing teeth can lead to gingivitis or cause misalignment. Your teeth support each other, and things can go awry when a tooth goes missing.

Of course, there are some who use crowns to reshape a tooth.



Dental Implants

A missing tooth can wreck havoc on your health in different ways like the following:

  • Speech could be impaired due to a missing tooth
  • Digestive issues, because you cannot chew well
  • Discomfort, due to the missing tooth
  • Might develop self-esteem issues

There is no doubt that a missing tooth is detrimental to your overall health, making dental implants important. An implant does require the installation of a titanium post within your jawbone. This requires careful evaluation of the state of your jawbone, among other things. Dr. Casel’s team is experienced and can take care of the dental implant for you.


White Composite Fillings

The idea of metal fillings may not seem attractive to some people, and that is okay. Dr. Casel’s team wants to present you with all the options available to you, like composite white fillings.

Fillings are meant to deal with damage left behind from cavities or other issues that might have caused partial tooth loss. Fillings will cover these gaps and strengthen the over structure of your teeth.

Composite white fillings are usually complete within a few visits but could actually be complete in one day, though this does depend on your situation. The material will match the color of your teeth, which should improve your smile.


It is okay that some smiles need a little help to reach perfection, and you can trust Premier Dentistry of Boynton Beach to make your smile shine.

Dental Implants In Boynton Beach Are Improving Lives

dental implants in Boynton BeachOne of the largest dental health surveys was carried out recently, and it revealed that nearly 50 percent of adults were missing at least one tooth. Sure, some people might think a missing tooth only affects one’s appearance, but that is not the case. The dental implants in Boynton Beach can change people’s lives in more ways than one might imagine.

Importance of Dental Implants Boynton Beach

Getting a dental implant will give you a smile makeover, which could make dental cosmetics seem a bit vain, but there is more to it.

Missing teeth can be easily ignored, especially if the tooth is in a place that is rarely seen, but this is a mistake. Dr. Dan Casel and his team at  Premier Dentistry of Boynton Beach want everyone to know about the possible issues associated with missing teeth, like the following:

Problems Speaking

The position of your teeth and tongue play an important role in proper pronunciation. A missing tooth can make it hard to speak normally.


Teeth are supposed to align correctly, but this can change if a missing tooth is ignored. Underbites, crossbites, overbites, and openbites are forms of malocclusion that might occur due to missing teeth. This can lead to jaw issues, bite problems, or cause even more dental damage.

Psychological Issues

Of course, some people who are missing teeth might be dealing with some form of depression or social anxiety due to the fact that they are missing a tooth.

These are just some of the reasons why Dr. Casel and his team would recommend that no one ignore that missing tooth or teeth. There are other possible outcomes, and you can contact Dr. Casel’s office to find out more information.

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is meant to replace the missing tooth, including the root of the tooth. The implant is made up of a metal post, an extension, and the crown itself.

The jawbone needs to be examined to ensure that the bone is strong enough to sustain the procedure. Your dentist may have to graft part of the jawbone to place the metal post in. At this point, you will have to go through a period healing up to six months where osseointegration takes place. This means that the jawbone will grow around the metal post, forming a strong bond with the post.

The abutment is placed over the post, and the crown is placed over the abutment when the dentist confirms that the post is set in place.

You can assist with the healing process by eating healthy, bone-friendly foods. This could be things like raw aged cheese that contains vitamin K2, which helps the body pinpoint areas where calcium is needed. You can talk to Dr. Casel or his team about other foods that might help.

The dental implants at Premier Dentistry are strong and function just like your natural teeth. The procedure might seem a bit long, but it is an investment that is well worth it when it comes to your health and smile. Dr. Casel believes that your healthy smile is worth it.

Call us today at (561) 244-7022 and set up your free consultation appointment to see if this is the right procedure for you.

Tips To Improve Your Child’s Dental Habits

 children's dentist in Boynton Beach

Dr. Dan Casel is concerned about a trend among children 2 to 11 years old. It seems that more children are getting cavities, and the dental professionals at Premier Dentistry of Boynton Beach believe that part of this might deal with dental hygiene habits. There is no need to fret. The body is quite resilient, and adjusting a child’s dental routine might help prevent cavities and other oral issues. The following are just a few tips to improve your child’s oral habits.

Do Not Overdo It

One mistake that is common among parents is making their child brush excessively. You want your child to brush his or her teeth three times a day and rinse from time to time if needed. Unnecessary brushing might hurt your child’s gums.

Keep the Brush Slightly Bent

Another issue that some children develop is brushing too harshly. This could happen because children want to do a good job and please their dentist or you. Other children might just want to show the bacteria in their mouths who is king or queen. Clearly, there could be many reasons why a child might brush his or her teeth harshly, and this is something that you need to discourage. You do not want the bristles to bend to the point that the bristles stick out like an old broom.

Harsh brushing can hurt your child’s gums, and it could also wear down tooth enamel. Worn enamel can lead to dental cavities or dental sensitivity.

Remember Those Dental Appointments

You are not the only parent who has a child who does not want to visit the dentist. This is something that everyone at Dr. Casel’s office is aware of, though we do our best to create a welcoming atmosphere where your child can feel comfortable.

The reason we emphasize routine visits is because kids need a deep cleaning twice a year. This visit is great for your child, as it ensures that his or her teeth are professionally clean. It also allows the specialists at the dental office to make sure no issues are creeping up.

Teach the Proper Brushing Technique

mother-brushing-childs-teethSome children do not understand the proper technique to use when brushing their teeth. It is important that you go over the steps until your child feels like it is second nature to him or her. Pay attention to the following:

  • Keep the bristles at a 45 degree angle
  • Brush inner, outer, back molars, and tongue
  • Short strokes are always best
  • Brush away from the gums to avoid hurting them

Keep an eye on That Timer

Another important thing that your Boynton Beach children’s dentist wants all parents to remember is the timer. A dentist for children in Boynton Beach will teach your child the importance of brushing his or her teeth for at least two minutes at a time. Brushing for two minutes, though a little more is okay, ensures that your child is brushing enough.

There is much more that you can learn that will help provide beautiful and lasting teeth for you and your child from Premier Dentistry of Boynton Beach. We are concerned about protecting teeth and one of our goals is to help improve dental hygiene habits so that all of our patients will be able to benefit from it.