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Nope, E-Cigarettes Are Bad For Your Teeth, Too

e-cigs-vapingIt is understandable why many hoped for an alternative to cigarettes that did not carry the unwanted side-effects. Smoking can be a tool for relaxation, and most people would agree that life can push you over the edge. This is the reason why some people are turning to E-cigarettes, but there are some issues to consider.

The Rise of E-cigs

People are using E-cigarettes or E-cigs for all kinds of reasons. Some are using them to reduce their dependence on regular cigarettes while others are using them because they are the coolest new toy to play with.

Yes, research shows that E-Cigs are getting popular, which is sparking some concern. Dr. Dan Casel and his team are also a little worried about this trend because it may have a negative effect on your teeth.

How E-cigs Work Against Oral Health

Those who are using E-cigs to avoid the discoloration associated with regular cigarettes do not have to worry about anything just yet. Experts are still studying the long-term effects of E-cigarettes. Still, those who have stains from previous cigarette use should consider the teeth whitening services provided by Dr. Dan Casel and his team.

The first issue that Premier Dentistry wants to point out is the possibility of cell damage. Research shows that some of the ingredients such as additives and the nicotine content can cause some damage that could lead to problems like infections.

It should also be noted that cell death or damage could lead to weaker gum tissue. This could make it easier for teeth to get dislodged for a number of reasons that would make restoration dentistry vital. This is something that those who play sports need to pay attention to.

Remember that most people who are intrigued by E-cigs are young people. Most of these people are attracted to this option because it is ‘healthier,’ and it is easier to use than regular cigarettes.

People, especially young people, love to play sports. Weaker gums could mean that playing contact sports could be more dangerous as you may lose your teeth more easily than others if you use this device.

You should also remember that weaker gums could make it harder for your teeth to receive the nutrients they need to stay strong, which makes you susceptible to the kind of bacteria that can lead to cavities. Bacterial damage can be irreversible, though cosmetic dentistry offers a few solutions that may not heal all cavity damage but could be helpful by providing options like veneers.

Furthermore, it seems that the damage done to the cells in the mouth could also lead to gum disease and even infections. Gum disease can lead to tooth loss while infections could lead to complications requiring surgery.

In short, there is no doubt that E-cigs have a number of positive attributes when compared to real cigarettes, but that does not mean these devices are harmless. Remember, the outcome of long-term use of these devices is relatively unknown. Hopefully, this information helps you make an informed decision.

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